C++ Wrapper for Intel Hyperscan

This project was created when I had the need to efficiently search through 10’s of gigabytes of text data searching for specific patterns. The client needed to report on how many records contained the “criteria” and which criteria would fire over a period of time against their monthly data dumps. There were 1000’s of matching criteria (patterns/literals) and millions of lines worth of data to process. Hyperscan is a C library and it’s pretty clunky and I wanted it to be easier to use. This library let’s you get started fast within 5 lines of code you can start scanning data.

INI Reader / Writer Class for MFC and ANSI C++ ( Windows \ Linux )

This project was created when I had the need to efficiently store INI data in memory. The lookup times for the loaded INI values needed to be extremely fast. The CIniFile class was created. The CIniFile class consists of two nested classes CIniSection and CIniKey nested in CIniSection each parent is it’s nested object’s class factory

Full getopt port for Unicode and Multibyte Microsoft Visual C, C++, or MFC projects

This code was written after searching the Internet to no avail for a fully functional Microsoft C and C++ implementation of getopt, getopt_long, and getopt_long_only which would work in both Unicode and Multibyte builds.

It is a modification of the Free Software Foundation, Inc. getopt library for parsing command line arguments and the purpose is to provide a Microsoft Visual C friendly derivative. This code provides functionality for both Unicode and Multibyte builds and supports getopt, getopt_long, and getopt_long_only and the POSIXLY_CORRECT environment flag. The library uses standard Microsoft C typedefs for char and wchar_t via the _UNICODE preprocessor directive.

The original GNU code used several header and implementation files containing numerous preprocessor directives specific to Linux environments which have been removed. After removing unneeded dependencies it was condensed into a single header and implementation file which can be added to any Visual C, C++, or MFC project. For the sake of brevity this article doesn’t discuss how to use the getopt functions. Anyone new to using the getopt functions should refer to the GNU tutorial for using getopt. Since getopt is licensed under LGPL it is free to use in proprietary software. The code works well in both C, C++, and MFC projects

INI Reader / Writer Class for C#, VB.NET, and VBScript

This project was created as a port of the CIniFile project to IniFile the C was dropped. The IniFile class consists of two nested classes IniSection and IniKey nested in IniSection each parent is it’s nested object’s class factory. This code has 3 version C#, VB.NET, and VBScript versions

VBScript for reading and writing to the Windows host file

I wrote this when I needed to automate windows host file writes the code is old and there are better ways to do this. I will probably be posting an updated script which is shorter and more efficient.

Using VBScript to sort servers by best response time

I needed to select the fastest server from a group of servers the code works well and required a custom ping function since 2K didn’t support Win32_PingStatus.

Class to control Univelop CNC 4\5 Axis

When I wrote this I was experimenting with stepper controllers in Linux the code is written interface with a Univelop CNC 4\5 Axis CNC controller. The code allows you to control and read all each axis and limiter values, as well as the emergency stop signal and auxiliary input.